Al Amal Complex for Mental Health goes paperless with MedLogic eHIM

Al Amal Complex for Mental Health goes paperless with MedLogic eHIM

The Al Amal Complex for Mental Health in Riyadh is considered one of the key modern healthcare establishments for mental health in Saudi Arabia providing both treatment and rehabilitation for all types of mental health cases as well as addiction. Al Amal also provides awareness programs on drug addiction and mental disorders, and ways to prevent them and deal with them. Over the last 5 years the center has received over 180,000 cases of mental disorders or drug addictions that have benefited from treatments or rehabilitation programs.

Just like any other healthcare establishment, Al Amal Complex keeps a health record for each and every patient. Until very recently the records were all in paper format, which posed a number of challenges concerning the accessibility of files, the integrity of data, the security of sensitive patient information, and the productivity of doctors, nurses, and support staff.

With e-Health high on the agenda for the Saudi Ministry of Health as it strives to improve the equability, standards, availability and quality of care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the e-Health team at the Al Amal Complex sought out to go completely digital with its health records. The project involved the archiving and offloading of stale records, the digitization of active records, and the implementation of a complete EHR solution with e-Forms and clinical workflows to ensure a fully paperless work environment.

The e-Health team learned about MedLogic eHIM during NVSSoft’s participation at the HIMSS Middle East event and called for a demonstration and proof of concept. NVSSoft was awarded the project, and worked closely through its offices in Saudi Arabia with Al Amal Complex teams to deliver and complete the project in a time frame of 6 months, during which MedLogic eHIM was implemented with custom forms, and 112,000 health records were completely scanned and encoded into the system.

Al Amal Complex can immediately account for the cost-savings, space-savings, and productivity increases across all functions following the implementation and use of electronic health records using MedLogic eHIM.

“Mental health records are completely different than health records at general hospitals. Data is retrieval-intensive and it’s crucial to ensure and maintain data integrity and accuracy throughout extended periods of time. We had several challenges as we had no templates for our forms, and we had to do a lot of sorting and classification. Our objective was not just archiving our paper records, but the complete shift towards a paperless environment with the least amount of equipment and investment possible, and to set an example for others to follow.” said Eng. Hisham Bin Mohammad Aldrees, e-Health manager at Al Amal Complex.

“This project is a great achievement for our society.” as highlighted by Dr. Mohammad Bin Mashouf Al Qahtani, CEO of Al Amal Complex.

“Our objectives at NVSSoft Saudi in delivering value to our clients are in line with the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a pioneering and successful global model of excellence. One of the key objectives of the Saudi Ministry of Health under the National Transformation Program 2020 is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector through the use of information technology and digital transformation. The KPI set for this objective is to reach 70% (from a zero baseline) for the percentage of Saudi citizens who have a unified digital medical record by 2020. Our flagship healthcare solution MedLogic eHIM is a fully fledged electronic health information management system that helps healthcare establishments become paperless and supports unified digital medical records as standard. We are proud of what we have achieved with Al Amal Complex. Their success is our success too.” said Wassim Shaar, Managing Director of NVSSoft Saudi.

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