ArcMate Enterprise Document Management System


Enterprise Solution

  • ArcMate Enterprise is a Document Management System that enables enterprises to capture, store, index, retrieve and edit documents and information in a secure way.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is part of the ArcMate Suite which also includes high volume scanning solution ArcMate Capture, business process management platform ArcMate EZIFlow, and the Data Center edition of ArcMate Enterprise.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is built on the .NET framework. The core functionalities of ArcMate Enterprise are built into an XML web service that allows for higher security, scalability, and performance. It also allows for easy integration with other applications through a set of APIs.
  • Load balancing is also available in ArcMate Enterprise allowing the application server and the imaging server to scale on multiple processors/cores and multiple physical servers.
  • ArcMate Enterprise features a hierarchical storage management system, and a physical tracking system with extensive reporting.
  • Full and differential XML export and backups can be scheduled in ArcMate Enterprise, and a Disaster Recovery system can be setup to reconstruct data in case of loss or damage.

High Levels of Security

  • ArcMate Enterprise featured a security model based on users/groups which can be assigned permissions to do specific operations and view certain documents.
  • ArcMate Enterprise also supports Microsoft Active Directory integration for user authentication and single sign-on support.
  • With the help of security levels which can be granted to users on one side, and applied to folders, documents, indexing fields, annotations, or even parts of documents, security control can very granular.
  • Policies can be set for password structure, password age, login times and locations; and advanced email notifications and audit trails can be configured to keep system administrators in full control of security.
  • ArcMate Enterprise also features repository-level and document-level encryption, and supports digital signature to ensure authenticity and data integrity, and HTTPS for secure browser access.

Capturing and Editing

  • Capture any type of paper or electronic document with ArcMate Enterprise using multiple capturing methods such as batch scanning, drag and drop, copy and paste, web upload, folder monitoring, email and fax, ArcMate Drive, and directly from Microsoft Office applications using Save to ArcMate extensions.
  • Zone OCR and rubber band OCR can be used to extract indexing information from scanned documents, and full OCR of documents can be enabled in the background to allow users to search the full text of scanned documents.
  • ArcMate Enterprise features an extensive set of image editing and manipulation tools, in addition to the ability to add annotations as separate layers without affecting the original document.
  • Tracking document revisions and changes is easy with advanced version control and management in ArcMate Enterprise.

Intuitive Access

  • ArcMate Enterprise is fully web-based and features a mobile-friendly HTML5/AJAX interface available in English, Arabic, and French.
  • Searching for documents is easy and intuitive in ArcMate Enterprise as it can be as easy as using a web search engine such as Google, while at the same time allowing users to configure advanced search options to look up content using complex logical queries, and approximate and wildcard searches. Search results can be exported or packaged into a standalone repositories with an attached viewer.
  • With OCR available for most languages including Arabic, ArcMate Enterprise allows the user to search through the content of scanned documents in addition being able to search the content of electronic documents such as PDFs and Microsoft Office files.
  • The document viewer supports virtually all types of images delivered in the browser in plain HTML without requiring the user to install any ActiveX controls on their machine.
  • Documents can be easily shared, printed, faxed, or emailed from within ArcMate Enterprise.

Native Mobile Apps

  • With the ArcMate Enterprise mobile applications for iOS and Android users can search and view documents and share them using the smartphone’s default sharing options.
  • Users can also capture images using the smartphone’s camera and upload them directly into ArcMate Enterprise’s repository.
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