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Platform for Business Process Automation

  • ArcMate EZIFlow is a business process automation platform that enables enterprises to automate, optimize and streamline their business processes into a digital environment, delivering information and tasks to the right people at the right time.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow is more than a software product; it’s a platform on top of which complex business solutions and integrations can be built, thanks to advanced coding capabilities and a library of EZIFlow ASPX Visual Studio controls, an XML web service interface for cross platform integration, and a .NET object API for easy integration with Microsoft .NET applications and systems.

Document Workflow Management System

Although a platform for building applications and mapping business processes, in its standard setup ArcMate EZIFlow is a document workflow management system that can be easily implemented allowing enterprises to:
  • Increase Enterprise efficiency, by maintaining a common database and toolset throughout the enterprise, users across all departments are directly connected, allowing for instant delivery of knowledge, information and zero time for routing documents.
  • Reduce Paper Flow across the enterprise by automatically routing all tasks and forms instead of the conventional manual handling of paper.
  • Reduce costs and risks by automating human and systems processes.
  • Improve the efficiency of collaborative work across the whole enterprise, by streamlining and coordinating complex collaborative procedures.
  • Set clear responsibility and accountability, by monitoring all system activities, logging them and the ability to perform custom filtering, administrators can produce any set of statistical data as required.
  • Handle unexpected situations efficiently, with real-time system monitoring and the flexibility of assigning custom scripts to system events, administrators can plan for any kind of emergency or event and to maintain contingency procedures for 99% availability.

Process Designer

  • ArcMate EZIFlow features an advanced process designer that allows the design of visual models that map the enterprise’s business processes, enabling the flow to follow different routes through conditional logic. Core business features are available without any programming or scripting required, while advanced scripting is available for complex conditions, event handling, or interaction with other applications such as retrieving data based on specific parameters or variables.
  • Parallel routing, asynchronous step completion, sub-processes executed synchronously or asynchronously with a two-way data interchange between parent and child processes, escalation of late processes, email and SMS notifications, event handlers, multiple calendars and working hours, organizational charts, system timers, and productivity reports are all standard tools of the ArcMate EZIFlow process designer that do not require any coding.
  • The ArcMate EZIFlow process designer allows administrators to simulate and test-run processes to discover potential bottlenecks and rare scenarios.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow follows the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) reference model of workflow system which provides the general architectural framework for the system.

User Interface

  • ArcMate EZIFlow can be used in various ways, either through its own AJAX-enabled web interface, or through custom HTML forms, or through PDF forms, or through Microsoft Excel or Word documents, or even through email.
  • The web interface of ArcMate EZIFlow displays and organizes the user’s prioritized task list, while users can create their own folder views and job categorization, and manage delegation.


  • Administrators can manage ArcMate EZIFlow through a web interface where they can upload and update processes, activate and deactivate processes, monitor instances, manage access rights, manage workloads, force completion, delegate tasks, and abort instances.
  • The web administration interface of ArcMate EZIFlow also provides a variety of reports on instance activities, process activities, audit trails, data analysis, and user productivity.



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