The National Commercial Bank NCB is the largest bank in Saudi Arabia, and it is always associated with the word “First”. They were the first Saudi bank to be licensed in the country. They offered the first credit cards, the first ATMs, the first savings schemes for students, the first exclusive branches for women, and the first mutual fund.

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With large volumes of operations comes a logistic nightmare of paper-based filing and processes. NCB was in need of transforming into digital archiving to comply with regulatory requirements and to increase efficiency. Since NCB had not done any digital imaging previously, the volumes to be archived were staggering, on a global scale – 1 billion images to be precise, 850 million of which are accumulated backlog, and 150 million on-going volumes.

NCB acquired software from IBM for the project, including IBM FileNet for Enterprise Content Management, and IBM Datacap for high volume scanning and indexing. NCB also acquired Sakhr software for Arabic OCR. NCB then approached our partners Tejoury, who are a market leading records management company with offsite facilities, experienced team, and a wide range of products and services for physical and electronic records. Tejoury did a comprehensive study of the requirements and initiated the project.

Early into operation, Tejoury realized that IBM Datacap was having a major issue; it was not able to handle the required daily KPI of 800,000 images scanned, processed, indexed and released. Furthermore, the Arabic OCR engine from Sakhr was turning bad results for GL numbers that were in Arabic (Hindi numerals) and it was not able to handle the load despite deploying it on 65 stations, which also required purchasing 65 additional licenses of Sakhr.

Tejoury then proposed implementing ArcMate Capture® from NVSSoft®. A successful pilot was conducted in cooperation with NVSSoft®’s dealers in Saudi Arabia, and NCB decided to implement ArcMate Capture® for the project.

ArcMate Capture® was able to achieve the required daily KPI of 800,000 images released into IBM FileNet with load balancing, pre-storage validation, and on low bandwidth connections. The scanning was done on Kodak i5200 production scanners as well as ibml mailroom scanners. Tejoury was able to define complex distributed capture workflows to achieve the target KPI. The workflows included stages such as automatic indexing with OCR, lookups and validations against the core banking system’s database, manual indexing and quality control, and the release to FileNet. ArcMate Capture® also enabled routing OCR requests into a separate server to be processed in the background instead of using the indexing stations. The OCR server was using ArcMate Capture’s own engine to handle Hindi numerals, and ABBYY FineReader Engine as a second layer to recognize the items that didn’t meet a specific confidence level.

Tejoury was also able to monitor the entire operation in ArcMate Capture® and pull up all the required productivity reports on a user-, stage-, and batch-level in any given time frame. Tejoury was also able to generate discrepancy reports between scanned images and the ledger details to detect any missing documents.

The project was a success, both in terms of meeting the project timeline, and having the released documents live in the system with 100% accuracy and accessible for daily operations. NCB was able to retrieve informatio