NVSSoft Exhibits at the Electronic Medical Records Forum in Kuwait

NVSSoft Exhibits at the Electronic Medical Records Forum in Kuwait

This month NVSSoft is exhibiting at the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Forum in Kuwait from 6-8 November. EMR Kuwait will address hospital and healthcare stakeholders who are looking to implement a good EHR system to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve experience of clinicians and ultimately develop a world-class healthcare facility.

The programme has developed through extensive research and will bring together a top-class speaker faculty from around the region and internationally including healthcare facilities/ ministries/ medical institutions who are leading the way in EMR implementation and e-health strategies.

Subject areas to be covered include:

– Implementing a Robust and Sustainable EMR System

– Adoption of EMR Systems through Technology Innovation

– EMR As A Strategic Investment – Selecting the best EMR System:

Solutions And Recommendations Round Table 1: – EMR Vendor ? Identifying EMR System and Infrastructure Needs

Round Table 2: – Hospital Manager ? Financial Impact on the Decision of an EMR

Round Table 3: – Technology Vendor ? Turnkey Technology solutions that fit with your EMR

Round Table 4: – Consultant / Other Vendor ? Aligning business and your EMR

– Regulatory Guidelines of an EMR System in Kuwait

– Hospital Information And Management Systems

– Developing an ideal EMR System

– EMR International Case Studies: Australia ? Singapore ? Qatar ? Oman

– Security And EMR Implementation At King Fahad Medical City

– IT And Healthcare: Technology Innovations Sponsor Opportunity

– Mobile Health And Cloud Based Medical Records: The Next Step Of EMR Sponsor Opportunity

Kuwait Regional Director Fadlallah Bou Najm and Product Manager Hani Kadah will be present at the event to showcase the healthcare solutions of NVSSoft and assist with inquiries.


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