Dubai Airport Freezone


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Business Process Management

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority

Established in 1996, Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is the governing body that administers trade licenses and visas to international companies wanting to do business from Dubai within the freezone. DAFZA helps international and local businesses incorporate in Dubai, and helps them obtain a Dubai business license as a new establishment or as a branch.


To conduct its internal business processes, DAFZA uses a custom-built web-based database application called Tas'heel. The application was running on outdated ASP files which made it too hard to do any updates or integration. The functionality of the application was limited and revolved around data entry forms linked to a database on the back-end. It didn't enable DAFZA to automate customer requests and eliminate phone calls and paper-based requests. With productivity, accuracy, and security issues on the rise, Tas'heel was reaching a dead end and needed a revamp.

DAFZA was looking to completely redo the web-based Tas'heel and to use it as an interface for a Business Process Management (BPM) system built following a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). DAFZA also wanted to integrate the new system with its ERP Oracle Financials, Dubai e-Government electronic payment system e-Pay, SMS services, and also a document management system, with the purpose of building a fully integrated production environment.


The solution was implemented by UAE partners TACME and involved a custom-built comprehensive e-services portal built on top of ArcMate EZIFlow business process management system, and featured:

  • Over seventy processes fully automated
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Integration with e-Pay payment gateway
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Integration with SMS Gateway
  • Integration with Oracle Financials
  • Integration with E-Fax
  • Document Management System


As a result of the new solution, DAFZA was able to:

  • Improve its responsiveness by providing more information to the public and enhancing channels of contact between DAFZA employees and partners.
  • Improve service quality in terms of speed, reliability, transparency and security.
  • Save time, money and resources by improving efficiency in service processing.
  • Reduce live interactions and eliminate agents.
  • Enhance service access through multiple electronic delivery channels such as kiosks, interactive voice response/phone, and Internet services.
  • Establish one-stop service window where multiple services can be obtained at each delivery channel.
  • Fully integrate with the existing applications and provide a basis for future integration with other systems.
  • Facilitate user access to different systems and sub-systems using single username and password.

Project details

July 31, 2009 Dubai Airport Free Zone Appreciate
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