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Correspondence Management and Archiving

Sharjah Police Science Academy

The Sharjah Police Science Academy was established in 1996 by H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah inside the University City at Sharjah. It plays a vital role in creating the future of a UAE promising youth and generation to be capable of maintaining security, stability and high progress of UAE as the Academy always adheres to offer utmost degrees of qualification in the various security, police and science fields.


The growth in operations and the number of fresh students as well as seasoned police officers seeking higher studies resulted in a growing use of paper and printing for internal and external communications, which eventually became difficult to organize and manage, and costly to maintain.

Another challenge was faced by the Academy due to constant changes in policies and procedures, both on the Academy level, and on the Emirate level.

The Academy was looking for a correspondence management and document archiving solution that will automate the processes and the creation of communications and correspondence documents, thus creating a paperless working environment, and at the same time ensure that the processes are mapped to the organizational structure in real-time to ensure instant reflection of changes in the structure, the processes, and job titles, roles, and responsibilities.

The Academy didn’t have an in-house development team to change the design of processes going forward, so they were also looking for a solution that is easy to use and allows them to design and modify processes without advanced technical knowledge.


Tarasol-LogoTo address the challenges of Sharjah Police Science Academy, NVSSoft UAE proposed and implemented a solution that was comprised of two NVSSoft products: Tarasol (Correspondence Management System) and ArcMate Enterprise 8.0 (Document Management System), implemented in a virtual environment.

On top of the products, NVSSoft built a custom integration with the Human Resource Management System used by the Academy, and which is central to the entire Sharjah Government entities. The purpose of the integration was to update the organizational chart and the job titles, roles, and responsibilities in real time so that any changes in the HR system are reflected immediately.

With Tarasol it was easy to add templates and forms, and update and add new processes without advanced technical knowledge.

Digital signatures were also implemented for signing outgoing communications, internal memos, and circulars.

Full text search was also enabled to allow the Academy to search through the content of all live and archived communications in both English and Arabic.

Tarasol and ArcMate were also configured to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory to provide single sign-on for over 200 users at the Academy.


The transition was smooth and the Sharjah Police Science Academy was able to see the benefits immediately. With the new solution in operation since September 2014, the Academy managed to achieve a completely paperless operation with no more manual archiving.

The Academy was able to unify its numbering system to avoid duplicates and confusion, and was also able to unify its templates, headers, and footers.

The Academy achieved its main goal of mapping communication and processes in real-time to its organizational chart, and tracking the history of each communication and conducting follow-ups and actions from within the system without phone calls.

They were also able to configure the system themselves to add new templates and custom procedures for shift logs, salary certificates, and material requisition, and they plan on adding more in the future.

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May 31, 2015 Sharjah Police Science Academy Appreciate
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