We are excited to announce the release of the new eTransmittal module in Tarasol; our flagship solution for electronic correspondence management.

Government organizations rely on Tarasol to achieve a paperless working environment by automating and managing internal and external correspondence, meetings, and tasks.

Keeping track of the delivery and receipt of outgoing correspondence is an important daily activity for organizations, and it is typically done through transmittal documents. Until now, these transmittal documents have been printed and given to messengers and agents to get the recipients to sign on when they receive their packages. Operators would then scan and upload the signed sheets into Tarasol for each individual correspondence. This process was not giving users and administrators visibility over the status of a given letter as to whether it was received or not. It also didn’t flag up any letters that were still pending delivery by the messenger.

A new automated way to handle transmittal documents has been in the making for some time in Tarasol based on feedback from our customers on some of the challenges faced.

Today we are announcing the release of the eTransmittal module. This allows users to create electronic eTransmittal documents and assign them to agents equipped with tablet devices which they can use to capture the recipient’s details, read their chip ID, and take their electronic signature.

The status of each individual letter is tracked and updated in Tarasol in real-time which enables users to have full visibility over delivery.

The benefits of this module include:

  • Elimination of manual paper-based processes and unnecessary printing.
  • Real-time updates on the status of delivery for each correspondence.
  • Ease of managing agents and assigning deliveries to them.
  • Ability to track full and partial deliveries.
  • Ability to track letters that are still with the agents pending delivery.

To learn more about this module please feel free to speak to your account manager or our sales team https://www.nvssoft.com/contact/