In line with their overriding objective of providing the best health care service, King Fahad Medical City, the largest and most advanced medical complex in the Middle East, entered into a strategic partnership with NVSSoft®, a leading provider in document management, to make all medical records electronic.

The move towards a paperless environment is a strategic long term decision for King Fahad Medical City. With a total capacity of 1095 beds, the four hospital complex is expected to treat annually more than 50,000 in-patients and over 600,000 out-patients, there is a need to provide rapid electronic access to patient records and medical images, for mobile and remote health care workers as well as those on site.

KFMC Genral Manager, Ahmed Abdullah said  we made the decision to work with NVSSoft® as a strategic partner based on their capability, expertise in the field, experience in the region and long standing track record in delivering document management solutions to leading medical entities in the region.

NVSSoft® customized their successful HIM solution MedLogic eHIM® to ensure it will address all the important areas of focus for KFMC. The implementation of the project started in phases. Expired files were first to be scanned and then Active files were handheld. The process was tested end to end, starting with scanning, verification, quality assurance; availability of patient documentations in the system and finishing with making those files accessible to physicians throughout the system.

NVSSoft® General Manager Samer Siouty said With paper records gone, KFMC staff can focus fully on providing the best health care service, knowing that the integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of the patient’s health information is fully maintained and that the information is easily accessible and secure.