NVSSoft®, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, has announced the launch of Forsah, a specialized internship program for training and developing undergraduates and fresh graduates in Saudi Arabia in the field of information management and digital transformation.

The program is focused on building technical and administrative skills and providing a practical training experience on the use of technology in both the public and private sectors, including learning about solutions such as correspondence and case management, enterprise content management, business process automation and electronic health information management, and how these solutions implement modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchains.

Wassim Shaar, Executive Director at NVSSoft Saudi, said: “This program underlines our commitment to supporting Vision 2030 by developing the skills of the future generations, refining their capabilities, and enabling them to compete in the modern job market. Candidates who excel in the program get the chance of securing a full-time job with NVSSoft.”

The program is led by Wafa Albaz, a Birkman certified consultant and life coach, with a vision of supporting the aspirations of the dynamic youth and investing in their professional development to build a knowledge-based economy that competes on a global level.
Several universities have already signed up for the program which is open to both undergraduates and fresh graduates from all universities in the Kingdom.