Modern day organizations are facing a great disruption driven by incredible innovations in technology. The digital economy has reshaped business models, gave birth to new ones, and caused others to become obsolete. To survive the digital economy, organizations must harness the latest technologies to keep pace with the fast-changing workplace and workforce.


There are various challenges faced by organizations when it comes to information management, starting with capturing the unstructured information and making sense of it, through to integrating information with people, processes, and technology, and on to managing risk and compliance.

Identifying Requirements

CIOs tasked with addressing such challenges are faced with another challenge which is identifying the requirements, and then a tougher one which is finding a solution, which in most cases encompasses a number of different technology solutions and layers of integration and customization.

Emerging Markets

In the emerging markets and especially the Middle East and North Africa region the challenge is bigger as there has always been a gap between the requirements and budgets of organizations on the one hand, and on the other hand the solutions available and the costs associated with implementing them.

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