Renowned as the Jewel of the Kingdom, Diriyah is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s rich history, and a sanctuary for national heritage preserved in open-air museums. The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) is mandated to preserve, celebrate and develop this iconic landmark into a global gathering place.

This mandate tasks DGDA with a variety of responsibilities. For example, DGDA takes full charge of hosting events and welcoming both public and official visitors to the site and ensuring their visits turn out to be positive experiences. With equal importance, DGDA works closely with a growing number of suppliers and vendors to preserve and develop the site and maintain its attraction and global position as a world heritage site.

With such responsibilities it’s important for DGDA to remain agile and respond quickly to day-to-day challenges. DGDA partnered with NVSSoft to rise to this challenge and build a highly efficient working environment that is free from paper using the latest solutions for process automation, correspondence and document management.

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DGDA needed a solution to automate the process of official visit and event requests. The existing process was manual and tedious and required the approvers to be on site all the time. In addition, it was a challenge to track the status of the actual visits and survey visitors for their feedback with no automated system in place.

The finance department had a hard time managing vendor responses to their RFPs and RFQs. It was difficult to keep track of the large number of incoming bids and all the associated correspondence and review and approval processes. Additionally, there were many committees to review and evaluate bids which added to the complexity of the challenge. DGDA needed a comprehensive and secure solution to automate all the processes for bid and committee management.

The situation with accounts payable wasn’t much better at the finance department as hundreds of invoices came in every day. With multiple levels of approvals involving not only the finance department but also the relevant business unit, manual processes were unsustainable. DGDA needed a fail-proof solution to automate the accounts payable process from the time the vendor invoice is received to the time payment is released by the treasurer.

NVSSoft® Saudi proposed an integrated solution built on the ArcMate Platform featuring ArcMate EZIFlow® for business process automation, ArcMate Enterprise® for document management, an