The UAE Ministry of Justice was created in 1971, shortly after the federal government was established. The ministry oversees the court system in the country and any associated prosecutorial services. The ministry is also in charge of appointing judges and providing licenses to attorneys, translators, and legal experts.

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Digital transformation has always been high on the agenda of the Ministry of Justice over the last two decades where the ministry had invested in a variety of solutions to empower its operation and enable e-services, among which was a document management system used for archiving purposes.

Managing official correspondence is an integral part of the protocols and operations of the Ministry of Justice, but the ministry did not have a dedicated solution to manage its correspondence. It relied instead on a makeshift correspondence solution featuring custom-made interfaces built as an extension to the existing document management system.

The ministry soon realized that the makeshift solution was falling short of requirements and employees were having difficulty using it. They resorted to creating correspondence manually outside the system, signing by hand, and then uploading scanned copies for the archives. As such the ministry was working inefficiently and did not benefit from the systems it had invested in.

NVSSoft® offered a comprehensive and integrated solution for the ministry’s requirements featuring Tarasol® Correspondence Management System, ArcMate Enterprise® Document Management System, and an integration with the ministry’s courts system.

Tarasol provided a full lifecycle management of all types of correspondence starting with receipt or composition all the way to digital archiving.

With the power of digital signatures all correspondence was authenticated and signed off from within Tarasol in a secure manner, so hand signatures would no longer be required.

The system featured an easy to use interface that is accessible from any device to enable rapid adoption and smooth change management among users.

The integration with the courts systems was designed to ensure integrity of data and richness of information.

With the new systems in place the ministry was able to achieve a paperless working environment in a short period of time. All types of incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondence were automated and managed fully within Tarasol®.

The ministry saw an increase in productivity of employees as they were able to do more significant work and spend much less time on unnecessary admin tasks.

The integrated system provided a centralized flow of information with a secure repository to archive completed correspondence for later retrieval.

With the system being scalable and featuring advanced integration capabilities the ministry was confident in its investment and its readiness for the future.