There seems to be no limit to what we can do with smartphones these days. Smartphones and apps have been transforming our daily lives as we use them to find our way, plan our day, buy clothes, pay bills, manage our expenses, book our flights and hotels, read our medical reports, stay in touch with friends, or find the nearest sushi place recommended by locals. This transformation has also impacted the way businesses and enterprises deliver their products and services. For instance, it is common nowadays to submit an insurance claim, deposit a check, or scan and sign a document using a mobile phone. This is made possible through mobile capture technology.

NVSSoft®, a leading provider of information management solutions in the region, makes its presence for the 13th time in Gitex with the announcement of its latest product ArcMate Mobile, which is an enterprise mobile application that extends the capture of information beyond traditional scanners into capture at the point of entry to accelerate transactions and improve customer service. The platform would enable insurance companies for example to receive claims, and banks to receive check deposits and new account applications, and enterprises to receive expense claims and documents generated remotely.

ArcMate Mobile comes as an integral part of the ArcMate Suite from NVSSoft® which has come of age, featuring ECM and BPM solutions such as ArcMate Capture®, ArcMate Enterprise®, and ArcMate EZIFlow®. The ArcMate Suite is also the platform for vertical solutions such as MedLogic eHIM® for the healthcare industry, and Tarasol for correspondence management in government agencies.

This year at Gitex, the region’s leading tech exhibition, NVSSoft® has teamed up with its strategic partner Kodak Alaris to focus on MedLogic eHIM®, the healthcare solution that enables hospitals to go completely paperless, and PractiScan®, a jointly offered solution which provides intelligent scanning and capturing for points of sale and customer service designed to reduce costs and human error.

NVSSoft® has also teamed up with its strategic partner Fujitsu to present ECM solutions such as ArcMate Capture, which is an enterprise-level, distributed document capturing solution fit for both high volume backlog conversion as well as on-going scanning.

Enterprises, healthcare establishments, and government agencies in the region have been seeing an accelerated growth in operations, yet at the same time they are challenged with outdated and fragmented infrastructures for managing information. This is where NVSSoft® can help by providing total cost-effective solutions for information management that cater to the region’s unique requirements, and support the Arabic language inside and out.

You can find NVSSoft®’s pods this Gitex at Kodak Alaris in Hall 4, Stand # B4-3, and at Fujitsu in Hall 3, Stand # B3-3.