The Al Amal Complex for Mental Health in Riyadh is considered one of the key modern healthcare establishments for mental health in Saudi Arabia providing both treatment and rehabilitation for all types of mental health cases as well as addiction. Al Amal also provides awareness programs on drug addiction and mental disorders, and ways to prevent them and deal with them. Over the last 5 years the center has received over 180,000 cases of mental disorders or drug addictions that have benefited from treatments or rehabilitation programs.

Just like any other healthcare establishment, Al Amal Complex keeps a health record for each and every patient. Until very recently the records were all in paper format, which posed a number of challenges concerning the accessibility of files, the integrity of data, the security of sensitive patient information, and the productivity of doctors, nurses, and support staff.

With e-Health high on the agenda for the Saudi Ministry of Health as it strives to improve the equability, standards, availability and quality of care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the e-Health team at the Al Amal Complex sought